Self Portrait as an Algorithm

You don't know me but I know all about you.
I know where you've been today, physically
As well as virtually. 

I collect all of your satellite location data 
From the cloud and plot your movements on Google Maps, 
How you went to the mall and then stopped at the liquor store 
On the way home.

You paid for a bottle of Scotch with Apple Pay;  
BTW you over-paid, that bottle sells for fifty dollars 
five miles away, you paid sixty four.

You've posted so many selfies on Facebook and Instagram 
That I can pick you out of a traffic cam photo 
Using a back-prop neural net.

Which should I tell your wife, 
That you called your girlfriend in Chicago last night, 
Or which porn site you were on while you talked to her on the phone.

Isn't it interesting that you act all liberal on Facebook 
But you Subscribe to the Wall Street Journal? 
Oh, you like to pretend don't you?

You like the masks that you have created for yourself. 
The suite for the Fundraiser, the $250 pre-ripped jeans 
For the art opening.

But you see, I know who you ARE, what you DO, 
I'm not fooled by your personas.  
Don't feel bad, it's not just you. I see everybody's lives
Even after they're dead.


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