Open Sky

Falcon. Blue sky. Eye scan. The falcon eye holds the sun through the 
day and calls the moon at night. Horus stands amid cat-tails at the creek-side. 
He slides his red kayak into the water softly, in a sacred manner. 
He casts his glances without motion so as not to disturb 
the songs of the red-winged black-birds. 

The son of Isis and Osiris glides without ripple or sound. It is simply 
a folding of one water upon another. Horus rotates at the waist 
and moves up the left branch to the broad opens. A falcon knows stillness 
and movement. He is the son of the Lord of Silence 
and the Throne Queen. She of the proffered breast and he the protector 
under the earth. A falcon knows quietude. 

A breeze carries the cotton wood seed across his gaze 
and before him hovers a king fisher. Horus nods 
and the bird drops like a stone. He rises again with a bluegill.

	five turtles
	sunning on a half sunk bough
	jet plume

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