Open Sky

Falcon. Blue sky. Eye scan. The falcon eye holds the sun through the 
day and calls the moon at night. Horus stands amid cat-tails at the creek-side. 
He slides his red kayak into the water softly, in a sacred manner. 
He casts his glances without motion so as not to disturb 
the songs of the red-winged black-birds. 

The son of Isis and Osiris glides without ripple or sound. It is simply 
a folding of one water upon another. Horus rotates at the waist 
and moves up the left branch to the broad opens. A falcon knows stillness 
and movement. He is the son of the Lord of Silence 
and the Throne Queen. She of the proffered breast and he the protector 
under the earth. A falcon knows quietude. 

A breeze carries the cotton wood seed across his gaze 
and before him hovers a king fisher. Horus nods 
and the bird drops like a stone. He rises again with a bluegill.

	five turtles
	sunning on a half sunk bough
	jet plume

Gray Havens

Bare and wet, the naked black branches and boughs outside reach up into gray. The last day, the last of January. There is a half cup of coffee and cream gone cold in the mug. I blow out our morning candle & there is a puff, a wisp of smoke that curls up and floats over to mingle with the bamboo…

Sunrise in the Chthulucene

It’s a cold morning in the Santa Cruz mountains although they are no longer called the Santa Cruz mountains. They are no longer called anything, but there is still fog that rolls in off the Pacific. The fog is thick this day, and multi-colored as the chemical laden surf gives rise to it’s morning breath. The valley begins to warm baking the sands to scalding and the air above crackles in the tumult, pushing the fog up-mountain.

It is an electric wind that builds in the valley as the temperature above drops a few degrees in the air around the massive Padmasambava statue in the mountain top land that once was called Pema Osel Ling, an old Buddhist retreat center during the 21st century, back in the Anthropocene; thats what they called it, before the world became post-human, leaving the center to the rattle snakes, scorpions, & two-tone Blue Jays.